New Century Companies has engaged in real estate activity resulting in over $700 million in acquisitions, development, and construction. As a collaboration of real estate development and construction, we bring over 40 years of combined experience — plus a true team approach — to every opportunity we undertake. At New Century Companies, we are continually acquiring new land, developing distinctive neighborhoods and constructing quality residences that offer timeless elegance and innovative design.

Manageability is the key to maintaining quality over the course of time; therefore we prefer to work within manageable proportions. This allows the company principals to be involved in every phase and bring more originality, personality and a much higher quality of construction to the homes we design and build.

Each community begins with a design theme, which we bring to life through the application of distinctive architectural details and the utilization of authentic construction materials. Every element works together to create a special personality that enables each community to stand out. Through unrestrained creativity and unyielding standards, New Century Companies continually strives to raise the bar for community planning and construction.

New Century Companies offers 40 years of combined building and development experience, including some of South Florida’s most recognizable buildings and neighborhoods. The principals were involved in various stages of development for the above projects.

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